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3 Common Sleep Problems – and Yoga Practices for Finding Some Rest

Ah, sleep. It is a joy that we take for granted until it no longer comes to us so easily. Unfortunately, even before this year’s pandemic, insomnia became a global epidemic. This year’s collective crisis has only exacerbated an already exacerbated problem. So what can we do YJ spoke to four veteran yoga therapists from […]

As you tap into your bliss

Bliss is mentioned often but is vaguely understood and defined as an attainable, elevated state of consciousness. It is the main benefit of a daily meditation practice and the catalyst for a reflective, enlightened life. We’ve been deeply immersed in bliss before, but here’s a summary: bliss whispers to us, reminding us of our true […]

Flexibility and Yoga 101: What it Means to be Flexible and Why It’s Not Always a Good Thing

Despite some of its contortionist asana, yoga isn’t about whether you can get your foot behind your head. Instead, it’s about the process of building awareness and using that awareness to make decisions that help you find health and happiness. . Wisdom is part of the process. But so is biology. Here are three things […]

The difference between happiness and joy

Experience Danielle LaPorte on November 24th and December 1st on Wanderlust TV! If you are not yet a WLTV subscriber, these calls are free when you register. Use the code LAPORTE to secure your place in these live conversations. Have you investigated Danielle’s Heart Centered membership? This in Danielle’s ongoing support system to improve your […]

Feel overwhelmed? Try this calming sequence

Sometimes emotions feel incredibly overwhelming. It’s part of being human. Fortunately, yoga gives us tools to navigate these states. You can meditate, breathe deeply, and flow with your emotions and use your practice to mindfully decipher the underlying messages of your feelings. Your practice can create an investigation space where you can be authentic and […]