It’s Meditation Awareness Month: How To Make Your Meditation Pen

So you have a meditation pillow that gathers dust in the corner and evokes a slight sense of guilt every time you look. What about the New Years resolution to commit to sitting daily? Sigh. Life is in the way.

Often times, what we need to maintain habits is a regular routine and a community to support us.

That’s exactly what we created. We are proud to celebrate World Meditation Day (May 21, 2021) with a brand new 10 day meditation challenge: A way to love yourself with Maude Hirst. You can enroll at any time before the 10 day program is complete (and note: you may wait past the pillow, read on).

Why meditate Meditation is a transformation tool that can help you become a skilled detective in your individual story. Often times, we unconsciously hold onto limiting beliefs about ourselves – ideas that keep us from really loving or even liking ourselves. Tapping into the source of our internal dialogue promotes healing and enables you to draw strength from your inner voice so that you can shape the life of your choice.

Led by mindfulness teacher Maude Hirst, the 10-Day Meditation Challenge is a powerful program to help you realize your own definition of self-love. Maude will lead you to recognize, accept and love even the darkest parts of yourself. The goal is to live a happier and more joyful life, with a deeper connection with yourself and with those around you.

The music for this challenge was created by DJ Taz Rashid and uses special binaural frequencies that can help you, as a meditator, more deeply grasp your meditative states – especially alpha and theta brainwaves. To fully experience the effects of binaural beats, stereo headphones are recommended for your practice during this 10-day trip.

This challenge was met with support from Nirvana Water Sciences Corp. enables. Nirvana’s pH-balanced, natural spring water is sustainably obtained from two Ice Age aquifers at the foot of the Adirondack Mountains. Their newest product, Nirvana HMB, has been clinically proven to promote muscle wellbeing. Nirvana’s efficient bottle is made on site from 100% recycled rPET and is just part of the broader practice of sustainability.

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