Let’s go straight to joy

In the blink of an eye we can go straight to joy. And while this doesn’t always seem feasible, it is possible regardless of our current circumstances. Because joy is a momentary feeling.

Understanding that we choose to have pleasure at a certain level can be mentally challenging. It is our natural state, some would say: a gurgling baby or child or adult lost in a deep harmonious activity. But joy requires less mind and more heart – which can be a challenge at times. However, joy and deep happiness also have a different perspective: the awareness of frequency and vibration … our energetic alignment.

“Raise the mood” or striving for a higher vibration has become a common approach to modern spirituality, though it misses the point. Raising the bar – the upper threshold – corresponds to increasing the volume. While this works effectively for the “good days,” it becomes counterproductive on the days of low tide or when dealing with difficult feelings or situations. Because if you raise the bar when the psyche is on the floor, a rift – a misalignment – arises in the subtle energy bodies.

This is largely unconscious and protects deeper emotions – even anchors them – and provides the system with a chemical hit. We experience the benefits on the surface, but it can tire the body. Instead of keeping our vibration high, it may make more sense to sometimes “lower” it – towards a more grounded, full-body approach. And this is where frequency comes into play.

Our energetic frequency is a one-way curve. Unlike vibrations that go up and down (the analogy of a volume knob can come in handy here), our frequency is constantly increasing. We cannot unlearn what we know or reverse past energetic connections, regardless of our current state of happiness – we move forward forever, with the invitation to integrate and network, release and absorb information and emotional data worlds … to improve and optimize. All learning – whether used consciously or unconsciously – serves to adapt our frequency intention: our energetic power point.

It is an alignment that, when we fall within ourselves, plunges us into a bed of inner happiness and quiet joy – a place of pure connection, even in sadness, loss and change. In the absence of resistance, the meeting of vibration and frequency connects the heart with its energetic pulse with the larger world.

You will know that you are ready to change your frequency when things feel disjointed, out of sync, and frustrated and upset – a sense of rudeness and unreachability – that permeate the moments: emotionally, mentally and / or physically. While the shift in frequency can take many forms, the key dynamics: the desire to get into energetic alignment – the intention to let go and release the hold in an embodied state of being – and the willingness to feed the mind chatter with a different perspective – one that may require a lesser vibration, aligned with frequency – to spark the knowledge, insights, and innate wisdom to be revealed. Because in every frequency shift there are hidden gems of wisdom and self-confidence.

The alignment of frequency and vibration enables the state of flow and well-being. It is a unity within ourselves, as we no longer “need” our vibration to feel good, but rather intend the subtle adjustments with self-confidence and ease in order to achieve the presence of a foundation of joy.

By establishing the connection between vibration and frequency within the adaptation of the volume to the true signature of the moment, new worlds are ignited. And then the frequency adapts. Joy escapes its chamber and we feel whole.

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Delilah Sullivan – Spiritual Mentor, Writer and Land + Energy Healer – is passionate about life, connection and beauty. Delilah has a diverse background and shares jewels of knowledge: about personal energy management, creativity, maintaining a grounded presence, healing, life experiences and our connection with one another, nature and the emerging “overall picture”.

She is the author of “A Sense of Beauty” on weekdays, channeler of the popular podcast “Downloads from Spirit” and a private consultant. She supports her customers in enabling frequency shifts, coordinating their projects, land and energy plans, opportunities and wishes and sharing unique insights and awareness. Find them in nature or in the city – for fascinating perspectives and conversations.

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