Affordable and symbolic ways to celebrate the new moon

The time has come – the new moon is on the horizon! At this point in the lunar cycle, everything revolves around new beginnings. It is high time to plant seeds, set intentions, and sprinkle igniting for the ideas you want to ignite. New moon circles are growing in popularity, but they often come with a price tag.

If you want to honor the new moon without dropping dollars, look no further – wellness and ritual shouldn’t come with an prohibitive price tag. These innovative and symbolic gestures can help you move into the next phase, which is filled with a sense of inspiration and purpose. Do you have any other ideas? Add them in the comments below! We are always looking for new ones.

Plant something.

This emblematic act is a reflection of how you plant your dream ideas. Find some seeds, a plot of land, and take a moment to set your intentions for this new cycle. Make it a practice to water and care for this living being. It could be as simple as growing a houseplant, or (if you really want to get wild) growing herbs, fruits, or vegetables. Use this physical symbol as a reminder of the bigger things you want to cultivate.

Food preparation.

If meal preparation is not part of your routine, now is a good time to take advantage of this time-saving life hack. For those of us who are busy with passion projects and sideline activities, having dinner set up every night is not an option. Celebrate the new moon by preparing food and giving your future self the precious gift of time. You have more mental space to focus on these new aspirations.

Take a walk through nature.

Many attribute the silence of nature to encouraging creativity, insight, and ideas. Celebrate the new moon with a stroll along the beach, through the park, or on your favorite hiking trail. Notice the smaller details – the smell of certain plants, the interactions of wildlife, the way your hands stroke the ground or a smooth stone. Take off your shoes if you can. By taking a moment to focus on the present, you are setting yourself up for success when it comes to putting those ideas into practice.

Reach someone you admire.

The cold email may seem intimidating, but this form of networking can be incredibly beneficial for your long-term goals. With new ideas on the horizon, now is the time to take the time to reach out to the old professor or CEO of a company whose initiatives you respect. In a way, this also plants seeds.

Buy yourself a book.

It’s not free, but it isn’t particularly expensive either. Go to the local bookstore (skip Amazon this time) and read. See what your subconscious is spying on. Depending on what attracts you, this can be a sign of where your head is and help you better understand your dreams and ambitions. When your dreams are clearer, choose something that fits those goals and values. Example: When a meditation club is formed, choose something to meditate on in a group. When it comes to making your own cookbook, be sure to pick one or two with styles that you admire.

Record your dreams.

The new moon is a great time to get that dream journal out! As mentioned above, your subconscious may have some thoughts on your new projects. A great way to tap into your subconscious is to tap into your dreams. See which patterns emerge or if there are recurring themes. This will ultimately help you get an idea of ​​where your mind is, which can help you get these projects started completely.

Have a ceremony.

One way to celebrate the new moon is to literally hold a ceremony. Take some time to write down your intentions, what you want to use, or what your new beginning will look like. Saying something out loud is one of the perfect ways to start manifesting.

Find a new moon meditation.

Alternatively, host a new moon ceremony entirely on your side. Just find a meditation online, light some candles, find a comfortable spot, and begin. If you’d rather keep the technology out of the way, you may prefer to sit quietly or next to music, or to log and pen on paper so you can follow up on your ideas.

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Amanda Kohr is an editor at Wanderlust. You can find them on new highways, have coffee, and Instagram.

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