Reclaim happiness & joy: April is coming up on WLTV

When flowers bloom and we flirt by opening the windows for a fresh spring breeze, hope undeniably awakens. We want to build on that by offering practices that will deepen your connection to happiness and your birthright to joy this month on Wanderlust TV.

Here are some of the biggest hits for luck on wanderlust television to turn that hopeful seasonal reappearance into a journey of consciousness.

Put a smile in your heart with …

Vinyasa full of happiness

Level 1 | 45 min
Back to the basics of Joy Yoga

with Emily Harding

This joyful vinyasa class will help bring some sunshine into your day as you take the time to explore your alignment in asana and understand yoga philosophy and theory.


Meditation for joy

All levels | 25 min
Joyful defiance meditation

with Reggie Hubbard

Explore joyful defiance, transcendent love for yourself and for others, dare to dream even if it seems foolish to do so, and see the present moment as the perfect opportunity to re-imagine the world.

For the love of dance

Level 2-3 | 30 minutes
Shakti dance

with Dirish Shaktidas

An exciting yoga and dance experience that improves coordination, increases your dynamic energy flow and awakens your creative mind. A dance-like experience that no one is watching.


Peace is happiness


All levels | 45 min
Peace for relief

with Alex Dawson

You can relieve stress in this calming practice, which combines light stretching and restful posture with singing and sound bath.



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