Stop waiting for luck

“The present moment is the only moment available to us, and it is the door to all moments.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

We tend to believe that there will be a point on the horizon where, once we have reached it, we will finally “arrive”.

But there is no such point on the horizon. The only point you ever have power or control over is this moment. At this moment you are at it.

Instead, we let ourselves jump through hoops before we allow ourselves any satisfaction or self-recognition. For this reason, we often set ourselves and our happiness in the future.

My personal problem has always been that when I meet my soulmate and get married, I will be really happy and fulfilled. I would know that my life had a meaning and even after all this time there was a reason for longing. But the truth is, I have known many soulmates in my life. My relationships have become increasingly healthier and more rewarding, and they’ve all taught me about myself.

Regardless of the destination or time of our arrival, life always seems to have its challenges. Sometimes I see and feel so much suffering in others, I wish I could do something to take it away.

However, I have learned that this is not the best for us. In the long run, taking away someone else’s suffering will only cause more suffering for me, for you, and for him.

Perhaps this is the most important lesson one can learn.

We need to learn to let go of our own suffering for ourselves. There is only one person who can take your suffering away, and that one person is you.

It is best to understand and embrace this about life as early as possible. There will always be challenges. There will always be opportunities for growth and change. In every moment there are endless possibilities and possibilities available to us. When you start living from this place of acceptance, life opens up in ways you could never have imagined.

There is a quote from Alfred D. Souza that I think really sums up how some people think about the life they lead: “For a long time it seemed to me that life was beginning – real life. But there was always an obstacle in the way, something that had to be overcome first, an unfinished business, time left to service, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. I finally realized that these obstacles were my life. “

Life is what is happening right now. Are you happy now? If not now then when? When you lose the 10 pounds, when you have the arms shaped, when you impress people with your headstand in yoga class, when you get married, when you get divorced, when you write this book, when you hit that time, when you get that promotion When you change your career, when you break six digits, when you retire, when you have that new car, when you buy that house, when you pay off your mortgage? Maybe Friday, maybe next summer, maybe this fall, when you are sober, when you have this drink, when you quit smoking, when you finally get over it, when you finally get him to notice you?

If not now then when? When do you feel better When do you have more money? When you feel less tired. When are you dead When?

When we embrace true presence and understand that this moment is the only place and time we have influence or choice, we begin to experience the sense of inner peace that we are chasing after. Not sometime in the future, but now. Then it seems like every challenge increases the tension, the chaos, the opportunity, the romance, the adventure, the joy and the mystery of life.

So stop looking. Instead, start living now.

Photo by Kadri Kurgun

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