Honor the equinox of spring: new beginnings, balance and creativity

Mara Branscombe will take over Wanderlust Instagram on Saturday March 20th to share how she performs rituals as part of Spring Equinox. See her on Wanderlust TV this spring as she puts on a special live class every full moon: her debut will be on March 28th for the full moon in Libra.

In this spring equinox, align yourself with the rhythm of the earth and greet you in renewal, new beginnings and awaken the higher vibrational field within you – your authentic nature is ready for a reset. When we synchronize with the Earth, Sun, and Moon cycle, we naturally maintain emotional balance, spiritual recalibration, physical awakening, and mental clarity.

What is special about Spring Equinox?

The vernal equinox is a great time to ponder the seeds and dreams you might want to plant in your life as you get rid of the layers of winter that no longer serve your highest self. Known in pagan tradition as “Ostara”, Spring Equinox arrives on March 20th of this year and it is an auspicious time when the sun is precisely over the equator and ushers in a moment of sublime equilibrium – same day and night.

This is a highly charged time to honor the sun on its way to greater enlightenment, while realizing that the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth lives within each of us, and it may be time to do some inner cleansing. Each turning point in the seasonal wheel of the year creates a portal of transformation, and the vernal equinox encompasses the energies of rebirth, fertility, creativity, balance, and expansive growth for the mind, body, and spirit.

On purpose, we can consciously adjust to the equinox to reflect on our current journey through life. The balance of darkness to light on this day reminds us that our lighting and shadows are equally important to growth. The power of Mother Earth is wildly abundant and when we connect with her rhythms we cultivate our inner soil, become crystal clear about the visions we want to manifest in our lives; We can plant our seeds and watch them grow.

How to honor the sun on the spring equinox

Bring the JOY of spring, smell the flowers, walk barefoot on the earth, plant seeds, listen to the birds sing, write down your dreams, nourish yourself on healing foods and let the limiting ones out Ways of being behind. This is a sacred time to communicate with your spirit and honor your personal journey to new beginnings, abundance, and creativity.

A spring equinox ritual to awaken you to your highest vibration

Intention: To kindle new beginnings, to release the old tales and to welcome them into the universal life energy of spring.

1. Find a place outdoors if possible or inside with the window open to let in the fresh air.

2. Build an altar With flowers, natural products or ethically impeccable flowers and herbs – choose what inspires you! Add any crystals, deities, pictures, words, etc. to reflect how ready you are to get into this cycle of your life.

3. Inner compass. Represent the elements and directions in this symbolic way:

East – Air: Heart Visionary
Südfeuer: Inner strength
West water: river
Norderde: Abundance
Center – ether: embodied spirit

4th Sit in quiet reflection. Light your candles and visualize what has outgrown you – ways of being and beliefs, habits and rhythms. Feel where these outgrown narratives reside in your body. Inhale them with compassion and let them soften. Imagine life without these limiting beliefs, patterns, or habits.

5. Welcome to space around youBreath deep. Imagine your body that is now surrounded by the energy of the sun. Start welcoming in seeds of compassion, acceptance, and appreciation for all of the good and difficult times you have been through.

6th Accept that everything in life is cyclical. What seeds are you ready to plant in your life right now? Imagine what seeds will now be planted in your own body, like rays of light or stars. Can you receive it in full? These seeds can arise like visions, pictures, words and simply by deep breathing. Be ready to surprise yourself with what is coming. Our intuitive nature is often lightning fast and has no previous history. It feels right and good and clear in the body. Write down your experiences.

7th For 7 days after your ritual, take care of your altar and call out this mantra, “I am ready and willing to receive guidance from my intuition and the spiritual realms as I open myself to this pure possibility day.”

What personal practices that you can adjust to yourself and your mind can you use for this spring season?

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Mara Branscombe is a mother, yogi, dancer, mindfulness guide, ceremonialist and spirit trainer. Mara was awakened to the power of Hatha Yoga in India twenty years ago. She is a mesa wearer of the Inca shaman line and offers her clients Reiki, intuitive counseling and shamanic healing. Mara has been teaching yoga and meditation for twelve years and combines her background as a dance artist, her practice in the shamanic tradition and her twenty years of experience on her mat. If you are looking for a like-minded community that inspires connections, community, soul care rituals, and energetic enhancements, then you should definitely check out Mara’s 30 days of ritual virtual practice.

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