5 delicious pancake recipes to get you out of bed

For many, pancakes have been a morning staple and seem to bring back memories of their own. Did your dad make the best pancakes and went to the kitchen for you and your friends on Sunday morning? Perhaps you had a favorite dish that served up a mountain of classic buttermilk with a thick smear of land butter.

Researchers believe pancakes have been a breakfast favorite for centuries. According to National Geographic, our prehistoric ancestors may have eaten the staples early in the morning. According to their website, a study of starch granules on 30,000-year-old milling tools shows that Stone Age cooks made their own version of flour from cattails and ferns. Researchers believe that this powder was then mixed with water and baked on a “hot, possibly greased stone”. It may not have been an exact version of today’s buttermilk beauties, but the end result was a similar concept.

Since then, pancakes have exploded in popularity. The Greeks and Romans sweetened their pancakes with honey, and the Elizabethans added various spices, fruits, and even rose water. Early American colonists developed their own pancake jargon and made “hoe cakes, flapjacks and johnnycakes” from buckwheat, flour or cornmeal. Some recipes contained molasses while others used tastier ingredients.

Regardless of what we call them, pancakes have found a seemingly permanent place on the breakfast menu. Below are classic recipes as well as some healthy spin-offs so you can come up with a hands-on approach to that fun vacation.

Super Easy Vegan Pancakes – Positive Health Wellness

Vegan pancakes are tricky because eggs and milk can go a long way towards a pancake’s integrity. Fortunately, this recipe found a way to make a fluffy and sweet cake without using any animal ingredients. Unlike other vegan recipes, the end result sticks together quite well, making it an easy candidate to flip and a great platform for maple syrup.

Paleo Lemon Raspberry Pancakes – Paleo MG

Spring often means fresh flavors and hand-picked berries. This recipe combines both and uses zesty lemon and raspberries to create a fruit-flavored pancake. The recipe is also paleo and gluten free, making it suitable for a wide variety of dietary restrictions. The flavor combination is bold enough to eliminate the need for syrup, but there is no way we will stop you.

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pancakes – The minimalist baker

If you’ve always wanted an excuse to have cookies for breakfast, hit your new favorite pancake. This recipe makes what appears to be a pampering cake, but is completely free of refined sugar and is easy to make vegan. The nuttiness of the oats goes well with dark chocolate and sweet banana, and you might want a glass of milk to offset the indulgent flavor. Since they come together in less than 10 minutes, this is a fabulous recipe if you’re in a morning rush.

Buttermilk Buckwheat Pancakes – Ella, of course

Buckwheat has a unique flavor: earthy and fat, but balanced with a hint of maple syrup. They are thicker than regular pancakes, so you may need a smaller amount to fill up. Of course, Ella offers some variations that suggest you had bourbon and peaches for a Mediterranean twist, or add some fried eggs to make them palatable.

Homemade Pancake Mix – Spend With Pennies

The benefits of a homemade pancake mix are endless; It’s affordable, adds simplicity, and makes a great breakfast on camping trips. If you’re often in a rush or looking for recipes that are more outdoor-friendly, this is the ideal mixing recipe. It’s also a great gift for the pancake lover in your life.

What are some of your favorite pancake recipes?

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