5 tips to rock your first yoga challenge

If you haven’t already signed up for Wanderlust TV’s first challenge in 2021, you can sign up anytime during the challenge to receive daily emails to keep you updated! “It Starts At Home” is a 10-day yoga challenge with Hannah Barrett that starts on January 22nd and runs through January 2021.

Facing a challenge is just that: a challenge! You throw the glove on yourself to slam the mat steadfastly. Fortunately, this challenge has been designed with two days of rest (Day 4 and Day 8) in mind so the task is less daunting and the entire journey is a path of healing.

Here are five tips to make sure you pass your first challenge:

1. Enter the time in your calendar.

Without the pre-determined time, you will find a million (or more) reasons why you simply don’t have time for yoga today. Add it to your online calendar or scribble it in bright colors on your daily planner to let your brain know this is a priority and let others know that you are in do not disturb mode.

2. Set up and leave your home practice area in advance.

Rolling out your mat and keeping it there is a reminder every time that a) you are great because you committed to practice today and b) you will be great again tomorrow. When you put it away the door stays open so you (oops!) Forget to roll it out the next day.

3. Tap an Accounta buddy!

It’s no secret that if you tell someone that you are going to do something, you are much more likely to get away with it. Tag a friend on social media, but then ask them to practice with you! Some people even open a zoom on Facetime so that it feels like they are practicing together. And you are! Don’t let the distance stop you from sharing your practice.

4. Stand out there.

This builds on number three … if you swap IG stories using the hashtag #ItStartsAtHome and @Wanderlust__TV and @HannahBarrettYoga during this challenge, you can have a random drawing for a year of Wanderlust TV! The benefit of sharing your practice is that it increases your sense of motivation: seeing others breathe, wiggle, stretch, and grow highlights the feeling that we are all doing this together as a community.

5. Delay satisfaction.

In other words, give yourself a reward! Surely there is something you intend to do, do, or persevere … make this the carrot dangling in front of you and indulge yourself after you finish. This could be a new book from one of your favorite spiritual guides (we recommend Gather by Octavia Raheem), or it could be time to reward yourself with your own yoga props at home (this pandemic is still going on folks, you could be yourself lean just as well to create a home studio!)

We can’t wait for you to share all of your journey in our Wanderlust virtual yoga studio, when you start the journey right where you are. It finally starts at home.

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