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Price: $ 14.99

Yoga Journal Review

Boost Oxygen Think Tank canisters provide breathing assistance and nootropic effects to elevate the brain through pure oxygen infused with a rosemary aroma that is inhaled directly from the canister. The smell of rosemary is said to increase short-term memory by up to 75 percent, while increasing oxygen uptake can improve mood, memory, energy, and reaction time. After testing it for a month, we felt the brain benefited, and it turned out to be a vital lifeline when Colorado wildfires destroyed air quality. If we could use up pure oxygen when all the air was polluted with ash, we would feel healthier and safer.

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We loved the little rosemary bunch. The scent wasn’t overwhelming. Instead, the pine scent complemented the stream of fresh oxygen and acted like an on-demand aromatherapy. As soon as you pull the trigger on the canister, you immediately get a pleasant headbutt that takes one to two minutes. We felt revitalized and awake like we were drinking a large cup of coffee without having to deal with caffeine or jitter. We kept it on our desks for emergencies during important assignments and deadlines to strengthen us for the task ahead. The only disadvantage? The canisters are light as air, so it’s difficult to tell when they’re running low. You need to judge by the pressure of the airflow. Remember that the rosemary aroma is pungent at first but slowly fades away. So don’t make the mistake of thinking that less rosemary means no more oxygen. Air pressure is the main indicator – a 10 liter canister can last 5-7 days with intermittent use.


  • 10 liters of 95% pure oxygen
  • Organic rosemary aroma

Yoga Journal Reader Reviews

I’ve always been a skeptic of “Air in a Can” but was pleasantly surprised by how normal it was and the positive effects it had. I thought I was trying Boost Oxygen to get rid of the divisive headache I couldn’t get rid of. The rosemary smell reminded me of baked bread and was relaxing. Although it didn’t completely get rid of my headache, it immediately felt like it was relieving my headspace. I would definitely consider doing this on a small sample size for high altitude backpacking or for getting a headache or focus in the future. – Emily K.

I found it effective and easy to use! I liked the taste and used it every time I walked out the door for a workout (running / lifting / yoga) and before meetings. I would definitely recommend it to friends! -Alias.

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