Cobra pose

Cobra Pose – Yoga Diary

  1. Start on your stomach with your feet hip-width apart and hands next to your ribs.
  2. Extend your big toes straight back and press down with all ten toenails to activate your quadriceps.
  3. Rotate your inner thighs toward the ceiling (to widen your lower back) while tightening your outer ankles at your midline (to prevent your feet from curling).
  4. Press down lightly with your hands and lift your head and chest as you roll your shoulders back and down.
  5. Keep your neck long and focus on lifting your sternum instead of lifting your chin.
  6. Move slowly and carefully as your arms extend.
  7. Be sure to pull your chest forward and curl your thoracic spine instead of pushing on your lower back – this is an important difference as your pelvis stays on the floor.
  8. Move the bottom of your shoulder blades in and up to open your chest from behind.
  9. Extend your arms just enough so that your shoulders are away from your ears.
  10. Keep at least a slight bend in your elbows to increase the pull from your lower back into your upper back.
  11. Look up just enough that the curve of your neck is a continuation of the curve already noted in your upper back.
  12. Hold for 5-10 breaths, then let them fall back onto the mat.

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